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Perfect son

Two women met at a common friend's party, where the talkative woman, who was the mother of a teenage son was telling the other woman about his son's addictions and the bad company he keeps...

Other woman: But I have the perfect son.

Talkative woman: Does he smoke?

Other woman: No, he doesn't.

Talkative woman: Does he drink?

Other woman: No, he doesn't.

Talkative woman: Does he come home late?

Other woman: No, he doesn't.

Talkative woman: Then I must say, you are a lucky mother, who's blessed with an obedient son!

Other woman: Oh yes!

Talkative woman: How old is he?

Other woman: (bursting into a laughter) He will be a year and half old next month.

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  1. Ha ha ha ha..I can't stop laughing on your blog many jokes make my stomach tension he he he eh


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