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SMS Jokes

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The short joke on "SMS Jokes" goes like this:

SMS acronyms redefined for texting joke craps –
  • SMSShort Message Service (joke crap – the actual dull meaning!).
  • SMSSend Me Symbols (joke crap – got sick of texts, dear!).
  • SMSSevere Marriage Syndrome (joke crap – women are born with it!).
  • SMSShort Mechanical Stimulator (joke crap – did you say, a dildo?).
  • SMSStupid Male Sheep (joke crap – men, post marriage!).
  • SMSShort Momentary Sex (joke crap – one-night, standing!).
  • SMSSenior Management Snob (joke crap – a CEO, who else?).
  • SMSShow Me Sister (joke crap – boys' favorite chat line!).
  • SMSSpammers Mobile Seduction (joke crap – SMS, what else?).
  • SMSShort Men Suck (joke crap – women's favorite phrase!).
  • SMSSex Money Satisfaction (joke crap – what else one needs?).
  • SMSShit Must Stop (joke crap – it's suicidal!).

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