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Text messages

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The short joke on "Text messages" goes like this:

Text messages – Advantages vs. Disadvantages
  • Text messages are text based – relieve eyes of explicit contents (Advantage).
  • Text messages are SMS funnies – choke cell phone lungs with mobile jokes (Disadvantage).
  • Text messages have their own language – make you multilingual (Advantage).
  • Text messages are too short – don’t help practice reading (Disadvantage).
  • Text messages keep coming – you remain employed fulltime (Advantage).
  • Text messages are addictive – leave no time for other addictions (Disadvantage).
  • Text messages eat-up memory space – improve your storage management skill (Advantage).
  • Text messages encourage fingering – fingers become restless (Disadvantage).
  • Text messages screw up your grammar – make you an efficient Screwer (Advantage).
  • Text messages charge less than lengthy calls – your pocket remains heavy (Disadvantage).
  • Text messages boost spamming – you make new spammer friends (Advantage).
  • Text messages require vigorous hand job – hands become dirty fast (Disadvantage).

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