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Short Jokes

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The short joke on "Short Jokes" goes like this:

Bambo: Can you explain "jokes" in short?

Dumbo: Short jokes are short stories or ironic depiction of short situations communicated with the intent of being funny. Short jokes normally have punch lines that end the sentences to make them humorous. Short jokes can be one liners or statements that employ sarcasm. Short jokes can also be used to mock persons or things which are not taken seriously by others in general. Practical short jokes or pranks differ from spoken short jokes in that the major component of the humor being physical rather than verbal, for example, placing salt in the sugar bowl. Short jokes are typically for the entertainment of friends and onlookers. The desired response is generally laughter, but when this does not happen the short jokes are said to have "fallen flat". Short jokes...

Bambo: But I asked about "jokes" in short and not "short jokes"!

Dumbo: Stupid! "Jokes", when they are "short" are "jokes in short", that is, "short jokes"!

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