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SMS Text

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The short joke on "SMS Text" goes like this:

Tech biggies succumb to SMS texting epidemic –
  • SMS text for IBMIt's Better Manually
  • SMS text for APPLEArrogance Produces Profit Losing Entity
  • SMS text for MACINTOSHMost Applications Crash, If Not Then Operating System Hangs
  • SMS text for DELLDeplorable Equipment Lack Luster
  • SMS text for HPHeadache Prone
  • SMS text for INTELImpotence Nailed To Every Laptop
  • SMS text for MICROSOFTMost Intelligent Customers Realize Our Software Only Fools Teenagers
  • SMS text for GOOGLEGreat Ogling Options Gathered Legally Everyday
  • SMS text for YAHOOYou Always Have Other Options
  • SMS text for MOZILLAMicrosoft’s Over Zealous IE Littered, Luring All

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